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Shower Systems (exposed)

Grohe exposed shower systems

Grohe Exposed Shower Systems: A Fusion of Enduring Performance and Creative Elegance 

Grohe, a pioneer in manufacturing sanitary products, faucets, and shower sets, is renowned for its unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and design.  

Grohe's Commitment to Quality and Sustainability  

Dedicated to matching the world's pace and keeping consumers up-to-date, Grohe not only focuses on product innovation but also places immense emphasis on environmental responsibility. The company's commitment to quality extends to crucial environmental initiatives aimed at fostering a clean and sustainable planet. 

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A stunning range of shower systems for any bathroom 

GROHE exposed shower systems are among the most innovative shower systems one can install in their bathrooms. GROHE Euphoria Cube is a beautiful combination of squares and rectangle shapes backed with the latest technology. The Euphoria SmartControl and Rainshower SmartControl are shower system series that work on a button's touch. On the other hand, the GROHE Euphoria shower system is one of the versatile shower systems that are intuitive in design and unique in functionality. 

The GROHE Rainshower systems have some unique features:

  • The GROHE Rainshower systems are equipped with the innovative SmartControl.

  • The shape of the thermostat makes it ideal for use as a shampoo tray (EasyReach).

  • Both the hand shower and the overhead shower pamper you with two spray types, such as the massage jet or the air-blended O² jet, which ensures a particularly soft spray pattern.

  • The Rainshower shower systems also have many GROHE technologies, such as DreamSpray for a perfect spray pattern, EcoJoy for less water consumption with maximum comfort, and SafeStop technology for protection against scalding.

It is entirely up to you whether you want to control the shower with a thermostat or a single-lever mixer. You can also choose other designs, including round or angular head showers, round hand showers or hand-held showers.

These designs are available in several shades such as chrome, brushed cool sunshine, brushed hard graphite, brushed nickel, and other shades.

With a shower system, you can have various jet types in the bathroom. In most cases, both hand showers and head showers are equipped with several jet types that provide the right amount of water and intensity for every shower situation.

What makes GROHE Euphoria Shower Systems So Special?

Unique features that stand out

The Euphoria shower system offers all the amenities you would expect from a shower system. The overhead shower is equipped with a large shower head and two other spray modes (depending on the model), and you can easily adjust to the desired position with a ball joint and a rotation angle of 15° to move the shower. The hand shower can also be easily pushed up and down on the bar with a sliding element and thus adapted to your showering needs and has three spray modes. 

The Euphoria shower systems are equipped with several GROHE innovations, such as the TurboStat technology, the SafeStop safety lock at 38° C and the StarLight surface for long-lasting shine and easy cleaning. The Euphoria shower systems are available in different variants, such as with an angular overhead shower in XXL and even as a shower system for the bathtub with a thermostatic bath mixer.

Discover Grohe's Exposed Shower Series  

Grohe introduces a range of exposed shower sets that epitomize sophistication and augment the functionality of your sanitary space. These series are designed to save resources while enhancing your overall shower experience:  

Introducing Grohe's Series:  

Grohe Euphoria  

The Grohe Euphoria boasts a classic yet luxurious shower experience with three distinctive spray zones: a powerful targeted spray, a relaxing rain spray, and an enveloping RainSpray. Its innovative DropStop function ensures a drip-free shower, adding to its allure.  

Grohe Euphoria Cube  

A modern rendition of the classic system, the Grohe Euphoria Cube features a sleek, minimalist design with the same three spray zones as the Euphoria series. Additionally, it includes the efficient DropStop function and is available in various finishes to seamlessly match any bathroom decor.  

Grohe Euphoria SmartControl  

This technologically advanced system enables water flow and temperature control with a simple dial turn. Featuring the signature three spray zones, it also integrates an EcoButton, supporting water conservation without compromising on the shower experience.  

Grohe Rainshower SmartControl  

The pinnacle of luxurious showering, the Grohe Rainshower SmartControl offers four distinct spray zones: a powerful Rain spray, soft RainAir spray, relaxing PowderRain spray, and invigorating Massage spray. It also includes the DropStop function and offers a range of finishes to suit diverse styles.  

Grohe Tempesta Cosmopolitan  

An affordable and stylish option, the Grohe Tempesta Cosmopolitan delivers a refreshing shower experience with a powerful Rain spray. Similar to other series, it features the DropStop function and is available in multiple finishes.  

Explore Grohe's Range at xTWOstore  

Grohe's commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovative design makes its shower systems an ideal choice for those seeking a blend of functionality and elegance in their bathroom experience.  

Find this extensive range of Grohe exposed shower sets at xTWOstore. In addition to these, xTWOstore offers an array of bathroom accessories, including bathtubs, shower plates, taps, and more. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience top-quality bathroom accessories at the best prices. 

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